On Additions to My Bucketlist!


  1. Geocaching
  2.  Tubing
  3. Driving a Jetski without a partner
  4. F1 Racing
  5. Paint balling
  6.  Bungee Jumping
  7. Going for a moonlight swim– (7/20/13 me & Robbie drove to Dennisport, Ma! It was amazing & the moon was beautiful!)
  8.  Zip lining
  9.  Surfing
  10. Go camping   7/26-7/28/13 Went to Wolfeboro NH to go camping!
  11. Kiss Under A Mistletoe   A little human I babysat brought me under the mistletoe & kissed my cheek! 12/22/2013
  12. Dye My Hair Red
  13. Party On A Cruise Ship
  14. Ride A Mechanical Bull
  15. Build A Blanket Fort with Someone I Love
  16. Have A Walk In Closet
  17. Get A Small Tattoo that Means So Much
  18. Try Yoga
  19. Watch the Ball Drop In New York’s Time Square
  20. See The Boston Pops
  21. See The Sydney Opera House
  22. Become A Professional Scuba Diver
  23. See a Seal In The Wild  8/11 I saw one at the beach- Green Harbor Marshfield, Ma!
  24. Have A Son
  25. Sleep on The Beach
  26. Spend A Night in the Bed Of a Pick-up Truck
  27. Not Worry About What I Look Like/ What I am Doing While Pictures Are Being Taken
  28. Being Able To Walk Around (And be comfortable) without Wearing My Glasses
  29. Love Myself More
  30. Run A 5K
  31. Romantic Date Under The Stars
  32. Watch A Sunset
  33. Go Skinny Dipping lol (That would have to be a yolo moment & definitely not in public)
  34. Rent A Beach House For A Whole Month
  35. Go On A Vacation And Once I Get There; No Itinerary & No Budget
  36. Go To A Concert
  37. Go To A Drive-In  8/3- Went to the Mendon Drive-In! We had a Blast!
  38. Take A Bubble Bath with My Husband
  39. Go To Germany
  40. Grow My Hair Longer than It’s Ever Been (past middle of my back)
  41. Eat Pasta In Italy
  42. Bringing Home a Puppy  12/25/2013 Robbie got a puppy
  43. Move In with Robbie
  44. Make Robbie Breakfast in Bed
  45. Have A Water Balloon Fight
  46. Have A Paint Fight
  47. Donate Blood
  48. Fly First Class
  49. Kiss Under The Eiffel Tower
  50. Go Bridge jumping
  51. Leave Flowers On A Strangers Doorstep
  52. Watch A Volcano Erupt
  53. Be Kissed In an Unexpected Place
  54. Drive Down Route 66
  55. Get Cute Pictures Taken In a Photobooth with Someone I Love
  56. Have A Big Family of My Own
  57. Experience, visit, explore, find somewhere I would call my “Paradise”
  58. Dye the Tips of My Hair for A Summer
  59. Ride On A Horse Drawn Carriage
  60. “Model”
  61. Have an In-Home Picnic
  62. Fall Asleep in Front of The Fireplace
  63. Have An Amazing Weekend Planned for Me Limo to Dinner- The Whole 9 Yards.
  64. Have a wonderful “staycation” that actually counts!
  65. Help mom organize her house & de-clutter so they can stop stressing about it.
  66. Throw a dinner party
  67. Travel and Volunteer (at the same time)Any ideas to add? What are some things on your bucketlist?

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