On My Boyfriend!

I have finished my first year of college & I am starting to figure out what I want out of life. Don’t get me wrong, I like college, its pretty okay. But high school was awesome.

In 9th grade, I was shy, quiet and awkward. Gosh, was I awkward. Even so, I instantly made so many friends. Because I went to a regional high school there were 2 towns, 1 high school and about about 1,200 students. So, all the friends I made were from a different town. That is when I met Robbie. Freshman year Biology! Good gosh, I had little stars in my eyes. We dated freshman year, you know, the little kid dating where you walk next to each other & share a sandwich. Yeah.. “dating”. 6 months later we broke up, I was sad, but little did I know 3 years later, when we actually got to know each other, we would totally fall head over heels in love.

When we first met, he was the “bad-ass” who got in trouble for making dirty jokes, and would do anything to make everyone laugh, even if it was at the teachers expense. Boy, he got in a lot of trouble the first couple years. He went to summer school & everything. Once we started getting close, it was amazing. His grades improved, they drastically improved. From failing a couple classes to high honors, all A’s & all his teachers were sad to see him leave at the end of the trimester. He did still get in trouble, but that is because it is practically his middle name & all his teachers loved him anyway. He has always been brilliant. But he just didn’t care to do the work. Once he had a reason (me) he shot for the stars, he got all A’s, awesome comments from his teachers & he even got an award at graduation for “Most improved from Freshman to Senior year” I think he just needed a little kick in the tush!

I love everything about him. The way he made everyone in the room laugh, it was practically contagious. If I am mad at him to this day he practically makes it him job to make me smile and giggle, even when I am at my I’m-at-the-end-of-my-rope-don’t-push-my-buttons mood. He is so wonderful, and he is so mine. It’s the best feeling in the world to know that I get to have my best friend with me for the rest of my life! So many say we were so young when we started dating, but that doesn’t make a difference. I wouldn’t change one second of our relationship, he’s my rock and without him, I’d be lost!

This picture is us in New Hampshire on our first weekend trip together with my family. It was so much fun, you can see the mountains behind us! We have so many memories together, I can hardly remember life before meeting Robbie. The best part is, he is the perfect blend of spontaneous, thoughtful & romantic. Some of our best moments have been spur-of-the-moment road trips, or just pulling over & exploring. We are great company for each other, with so much love, so many laughs & such blue eyes, how could I not love him!



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