On 30 before 30!


This is a list of things of 30 things I would like to complete before I am 30, life is short, I am most certainly going to make the best of it.

1. Become CPR & First Aid certified again.

2. See a baby being born (sounds gross, but I’m going to be a nurse! Weirdly scientific stuff interests me)

3.  Open an in-home daycare

4. Stop drinking soda

5. Go Paddleboarding

6. Learn to love the body I was blessed with
7/14/13- Took a step in the right direction, actually took off my cover-up at the beach & sat in my bikini!  (definitely a first for me!)

7. Take a cupcake decorating class

8. Graduate from Nursing School

9. Travel to Ireland

10. Get married

11. Work as a neonatal or maternity nurse for a period of time.

12. Forgive those who have done me wrong. Without being asked.

13. Swim with a dolphin (preferably in the wild)

14. Buy myself a car

15. Pay off all of my student loans

16. Take a couples painting class & hang it up

17. Go to Indiana to visit Michael’s grave & meet his relatives

18. Create at least 4 crafts with kids for sensory play

19. Become a mother♥

20. Take a cross country road trip with Robbie

21. Get more than 3 views on my blog (lol pathetic I know)       (9 views on 7/11/2013) Wooh! (7/22- 60 views) (9/27- 446 views)

22. Take a class on grieving, so I am able to comfort those who can’t comfort themselves.

23. Be able to say I have friends that I will have for the rest of my life

24. Watch the sunrise over the  haleakala crater in Hawaii

25. Become a homeowner

26. Go to Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute

27. Conquer one of my fears (someone I love dying, heights, tight spaces, lonliness & spiders)

28. Go on a cruise with Robbie

29. See a whale (Go whalewatching)

30. Be able to consider myself successful

Thought of a couple more, don’t need to be on the list necessarily. Just more ideas for my bucketlist!


Driving a Jetski without a partner

F1 Racing

Paint balling

Bungee Jumping

Going for a moonlight swim– (7/20/13 me & Robbie drove to Dennisport, Ma! It was amazing & the moon was beautiful!)

Zip lining


Go camping   7/26-7/28/13 Went to Wolfeboro NH to go camping!

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