On My Pinterest Addiction!

My addiction to Pinterest is becoming a problem! Haha, I have about 800 pins, which I guess aren’t that much compared to people who have thousands. But I think realistically they don’t actually use thousands of ideas. I hardly have time to do the ones I love!

I have a total of 14 Boards;

  • Our home♥ – This one is one of my favorites. It is realistic ideas for ways to plan out rooms in a specific house me & Robbie already have in mind, if everything works out perfect.
  • Bucketlist!- This one is mostly full of weight loss ideas, tips and tricks. As well as other things I would like to accomplish like dye my hair burgundy & sleep under the stars in the bed of a pick-up truck! (I have a thing for pick-up trucks)
  • Children♥ – Good gosh. I have about 250 pins on this one alone. All things from potty training to lessons to teach them, to games to play & things to create!  Like buy a roll of paper and tape it to the table, then for once there is no coloring in the lines! And they can move seats once they want a fresh start!
  • Creativity is key! – This one is also full of good ideas and fun activities to do (Ideas for gifts, fun decorations & things to do!
  • Clothes & Shoes 🙂 Speaks for itself. I have an obsession.
  • Nails, Makeup & Hair -I have an obsession… Or two.
  • Photography Ideas- I definitely know I will never become a photographer, but I also know what I want when it comes to getting my picture taken.
  • Things for my wall!- A board of “pick me ups” & things to put on my wall to inspire me or just because.
  • Home !- This is pretty similar to everyone else’s “dream home” board. But I like to think realistically. So this is the board of things I would like in my house if we ever decided to re-vamp the place, do a project, or if we had a little money for home improvement left over.
  • Organizing & Storage!- Freakin’ bins! I love them, I don’t know why. I like having things in boxes, bins, pouches, bags, anything I can label that makes a pile of stuff look way more organized, and cuter!
  • Recipes- Unlike most people, me & Robbie actually do dinner dates and try them out! We like cooking together but its boring without the mess & the laughs 🙂
  • Party Ideas!- This includes gift ideas & party ideas for little kids, older people & some ideas for favors and prizes too!
  • Last but not least! The only private board I have. It’s called “I love you to pieces” It has ideas for wedding everything. Rings, dresses, color schemes, bridesmaid dresses, favors, food & more. It’s hidden because I do plan on using these on my special day, and it wouldn’t be very special if other people used a couple of hidden gems! It’s also called I love you to pieces because that is what Robbie & I say to each other! ♥

That’s all of em’!

Feel free to add me on Pinterest!


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