On How the Fight of One Little Boy Changed My Life.

Baby Corbin McHenry.

He was a blessing from the start. On April 4th he was born. When I had first found his Facebook page, I was absolutely captivated by this precious little human being, his picture was worth 1,000 words & so much more. As I began reading  the posts, first the few most recent. As my day went on, I couldn’t help but want to learn more about this brave little boy. I went on to his page, (seen here) and scrolled to the very bottom. To his birth. To the very post that started his wonderful journey.

Before Corbin, I have never heard of Trisomy 13, a genetic disorder. But his wonderful mother and father, Kara and Shane McHenry, were absolutely dedicated to support, love, cherish and advocate for Corbin every single second they could. They knew Corbin had been beating odds since day one. On each day, Corbin’s parents & grandparents would update all of his Facebook friends (He now has over 477k of them) of what he had done that day, how he was feeling and his condition. Some days he had lots of tests, and other days he was able to snuggle with Mama McHenry all day. Everyday, they would post a picture (Like this one here) with a picture of Corbin on that day, an inspirational quote, and Corbin’s birth date. I can only hope to one day be able to be as strong for my children as Kara and Shane have always been for Corbin. They had rough days, but his mother has held on to hope like no one I’ve met before. She is absolutely phenomenal.

The strength of Corbin’s family had truly shined through. This is a bigger task as it appears, considering Facebook only shows you a glimpse of their everyday reality. I had followed everyday and often have my family & even my boyfriend asking me to read them the “Corbin update” for that day from my phone. I had never met this little boy, and he had touched my life in a way no one else has.

Corbin has taught me to cherish every. single. second. Love every bit you can, forget the fight you had, don’t think of your struggles, and stresses for a few minutes. Just breath. Go outside, see the sun, and the beautiful blue sky. Take in the view. If it is rainy, look at the raindrops collecting in the puddles, look at some greenery, and see how even rain, that can often seem dark & dreary, gives life to so much of nature, and is so beautiful. Corbin had taught me this, a child I had never met, who lives hundreds of miles away. He has taught me to fight, no matter the odds, no matter the battle I am facing. I will be forever grateful for the lessons this baby & his family had taught me.

On day 135, Corbin had gained his wings, and heaven had gained the most beautiful, wonderful angel that had ever existed. Corbin will forever be watching over his mommy & daddy who had always been so supportive of him during his fight. As much as I feel no words I say can comfort them, I can only hope they are able to read this, and have some comfort in knowing the love, support, and prayers that are being sent their way. Corbin has had so much support, because his mother Kara was brave enough to put herself out there in order to share Corbin’s story. All I can say is thank you to Kara and Shane (and Kara’s mom too) for allowing us to see your beautiful lives, and you truly have forever touched my heart. I will always be praying for your family, just like I have for Corbin. My heart is saddened by your immense loss, and my family & I shed tears of sympathy for what you are going through.

Baby Corbin with his cape. He truly is my hero.

Baby Corbin with his cape. He truly is my hero.


9 thoughts on “On How the Fight of One Little Boy Changed My Life.

  1. Corbin and his family have touched my heart as well. On that 135th day when he gained his wings I had to work all day, that night I went to my cousins house and a friend of ours whom has been keeping up with Corbin’s story as well comes out and says baby Corbin passed this morning. I can’t even begin to discuss the feeling I got when she said those horrible words. I to have shed tears for him. And your blog here is so sweet and beautiful and so true. And Kara and Shane will love it once they can read it. This family is amazing. They will be in my thoughts and prayers everyday. And I thank them so much for letting the world know how wonderful sweet baby Corbin was. Truly inspiring.

  2. A beautiful letter to Corbin’s family. You have expressed my feelings exactly. He truly was a special little guy (and, his parents are outstanding).

  3. Shannon this is Becky McHenry (Corbin Grandma) I have read your letter and I Thank You for your support and prayers for Corbin. I am going to send this to Shane and Kara to see.

    • Thank you Becky- That really means a lot to me for them to see this. I know how overwhelming social media can be at a time with such grief. Thank you so much for reading. I pray God’s grace help you & your family get through this difficult time.


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