December Update!

Hi there! Merry Christmas Eve!! 

So I have a little extra time today, (not really, I’m just procrastinating) so here is an update on me!


– I am currently home for winter break & I am working a 50 hour work week. 7-5 everyday. 

– My adorable nephew is now 4 months old & I haven’t seen him in weeks! 

– I finished up my semester strong with a solid 3.5 gpa.

– I am missing my friend dearly, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan. 

– I am looking forward to nothing more then spending a weekend away with my boyfriend & family. 

– I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED that I start clinicals in a month. I know for a fact I’m going to be a mess.

– I am still baby crazy, starting to think that isn’t going to change

– I increased my academic curriculum and I am now a Nursing Major and a Catholic Studies Minor! 

– I am exhausted in every sense of the word, pretty sure I got more sleep during finals week than I have this week. 

– I have so much to do before 6pm tonight it isn’t even funny. HAPPY HOLIDAYS SHAN, ENJOY YOUR CONSTANT PANIC ATTACKS 🙂 



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