On the baby’s present!

For the present for baby Liam’s & mommy-to-be’s baby shower I wanted to do something special. Usually my family would all chip in for something together, but I knew I didn’t want to do that. I checked her registry at Babies R Us & Buybuy Baby. BINGO! I figured out what I was going to do. When the mommy first put up her registry, we were talking about the difference in baby bathtubs, and how she loved the one she picked.

The "Whale of a Tub" Bathtub

The “Whale of a Tub” Bathtub

Mommy's Little Monster Outfit

Mommy’s Little Monster Outfit

Bath Safety Duck that tells you if the water is too hot & a cute octopus sleeper :)

Bath Safety Duck that tells you if the water is too hot & a cute octopus sleeper 🙂


Also included a whale wash mitt, 3 hooded towels, 8 washclothes, bath toys & a Mommy & Me kit from Aveeno with lotions & soaps for mom & baby!

Also included a whale wash mitt, 3 hooded towels, 8 washclothes, bath toys & a Mommy & Me kit from Aveeno with lotions & soaps for mom & baby!

Finished product! I left out the book by accident, but it goes in the top left corner! :)

Finished product! I left out the book by accident, but it goes in the top left corner! 🙂


Just got a text from Mommy-to-be saying she read the inside of the book that says, “Liam, I love you to the moon & back. Love Auntie Shan” & she said she loved that saying so much she bought it on Etsy to hang over the crib! 🙂 SO happy 🙂


On making Diaper Cakes!

I currently have an obsession with making diaper cakes (don’t judge). So far I have made a baby carraige, a baby wagon, a bassinet & a baby bathtub. And about 13 of these plain diaper cakes. 

So my sister-in-law is having a baby! See the excitement here!

So, I made a diaper cake for the centerpiece of the gift table at the baby shower.

The diapers fanned out!

The diapers fanned out!

2/5 layers done!  I used blue & light blue polka dotted grossgrain ribbon with the middle yellow ribbon I got from the dollar store!

2/5 layers done!
I used blue & light blue polka dotted grossgrain ribbon with the middle yellow ribbon I got from the dollar store!

All the ribbon is done!

All the ribbon is done!

Once I got there, we had extra cuttouts from our crickit made for the centerpieces, so we stuck them on the cake! Added a whole other dimension!

Once I got there, we had extra cuttouts from our crickit made for the centerpieces, so we stuck them on the cake! Added a whole other dimension!

Another picture! Finished product!

Another picture! Finished product!

On being an auntie-to-be!

So, my brother & his wife are having a baby. I am over the moon about it!

If anyone knows anything about me, they know I love babies!! We had their baby shower this past weekend, and I’m sure you could have guessed… I was all over it! I think I will do a couple posts about it, today’s will be the baby shower & I’ll do another one for the gift. Oh my good gosh the gift I made, so cute! (not to toot my own horn!) 😉 Then I will do another on the diaper cake I made!

So before I start with the pictures, I’ll explain. It’s a boy!! His name will be Liam. As most people, we (me & the mommy-to-be’s sisters) wanted a themed shower without being over-the-top tacky. So the theme?! Storybook themed! It would be very easy to take it too far, but it was soo classic.

On the invitation, we put on the bottom, “In lui of a card, please bring a storybook to start Liam’s bookshelf!” and we put a sticker inside that says “This book is given to baby by ________ and this book is special to me because _______”  And everything worked out perfectly! 1. Everyone brought such thoughtful books! 2. There were no repeats. I was almost positive they were going to get 3 Hop on Pops, but nope! Lots of love was given to that baby. Someone even bought a bookshelf to put in the baby’s room with all the new books! So exciting.

The Book I Gave Liam!

The Book I Gave Liam!

I got the baby this book of stories I loved from when I was little. I used to bring it to show & tell every single time. Obviously it isn’t like those board books for babies, but I hope when he gets a bit older, he will get as much enjoyment as I did with these 6 stories. The big blue book includes, Go, Dog. Go!, Are You My Mother?, The Best Nest, Put Me In the Zoo, It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny (the first PJ Funnybunny story), A Fly Went By. I put the sticker on the inside cover & wrote;

” This book is given to baby Liam by


and this book is special to me because

it was my favorite when I was little. I hope to someday share the love of reading with you!

I love you to the moon & back Liam!

Love Auntie Shan.”

The rest of the pictures in this post won’t need much explaination:



Up close
Up close

The bottom of the centerpieces, marbles & grass
The bottom of the centerpieces, marbles & grass

The favor table; handmade bookmarks & Little scented candles in the shape of a blue baby Owl.

The favor table; handmade bookmarks & Little scented candles in the shape of a blue baby Owl.


I am so excited to welcome this little bundle of joy into the world in September!

That baby will have so much love! I’m one the look-out for a “My auntie loves me” onesie… Any suggestions on where to look? 🙂

Finish the sentence!

Maybe I should keep saving up for the car I want. 

I love going on spontaneous dates with my boyfriend, they’re always the best.

People would say that I’m I  have no idea! 😦

I don’t understand why everything is so expensive! 

When I wake up in the morning I love taking a minute to cuddle up & remember what I dreamed about.

I lost my glasses yesterday for like, 2 hours. It’s hard trying to find something when you can’t see…

Life is full of good and bad. But you need a balance of both, that’s how you find the silver lining.

My past is full of embarrassing moments!

I get annoyed when I work constantly & sometimes I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

Parties are WAY overrated.

I wish I had more time home and time with my boyfriend & family before school.

Dogs are wonderful 🙂 

Cats are awesome if they are dog-like, I don’t like timid cats. 

Tomorrow I’m working until 5, then don’t have work for 3 days ! BEACHHTIME!! 

I have low tolerance for people who walk slow.

I’m totally terrified of losing someone I love. Total fear. It’s a problem. Like, I make anyone who leaves my house call me when they are finished driving home.

I wonder why I get upset and angry SO easily these days.

Never in my life have I been on a cross country road trip (It HAS to happen!) 

High school was the best time of my life & I didn’t appreciate it when I had it!

When I’m nervous I talk super fast and I talk a lot. I babble. ALOT. 

One time at a family gathering someone got me a present, I thought it was shimmery eye shadow- it was glitter glue… and I put it on my eyes..

Take my advice- Count your blessings. You don’t want to take advantage. No one is promised tomorrow. 

Making my bed is what I do before I go to bed, instead of when I wake up like normal people. So I cuddle in a freshly made bed! When I was little I would make my bed in the morning, then just want to crawl back into it! 

I’m almost always singing a song in my head or out loud 😉 

I’m addicted to chocolate!! & Wendy’s Chili.. don’t judge!

I want someone to pay for me to travel. Or someone to sell me their car for cheap! I’m desperate now!

On My Pinterest Addiction!

My addiction to Pinterest is becoming a problem! Haha, I have about 800 pins, which I guess aren’t that much compared to people who have thousands. But I think realistically they don’t actually use thousands of ideas. I hardly have time to do the ones I love!

I have a total of 14 Boards;

  • Our home♥ – This one is one of my favorites. It is realistic ideas for ways to plan out rooms in a specific house me & Robbie already have in mind, if everything works out perfect.
  • Bucketlist!- This one is mostly full of weight loss ideas, tips and tricks. As well as other things I would like to accomplish like dye my hair burgundy & sleep under the stars in the bed of a pick-up truck! (I have a thing for pick-up trucks)
  • Children♥ – Good gosh. I have about 250 pins on this one alone. All things from potty training to lessons to teach them, to games to play & things to create!  Like buy a roll of paper and tape it to the table, then for once there is no coloring in the lines! And they can move seats once they want a fresh start!
  • Creativity is key! – This one is also full of good ideas and fun activities to do (Ideas for gifts, fun decorations & things to do!
  • Clothes & Shoes 🙂 Speaks for itself. I have an obsession.
  • Nails, Makeup & Hair -I have an obsession… Or two.
  • Photography Ideas- I definitely know I will never become a photographer, but I also know what I want when it comes to getting my picture taken.
  • Things for my wall!- A board of “pick me ups” & things to put on my wall to inspire me or just because.
  • Home !- This is pretty similar to everyone else’s “dream home” board. But I like to think realistically. So this is the board of things I would like in my house if we ever decided to re-vamp the place, do a project, or if we had a little money for home improvement left over.
  • Organizing & Storage!- Freakin’ bins! I love them, I don’t know why. I like having things in boxes, bins, pouches, bags, anything I can label that makes a pile of stuff look way more organized, and cuter!
  • Recipes- Unlike most people, me & Robbie actually do dinner dates and try them out! We like cooking together but its boring without the mess & the laughs 🙂
  • Party Ideas!- This includes gift ideas & party ideas for little kids, older people & some ideas for favors and prizes too!
  • Last but not least! The only private board I have. It’s called “I love you to pieces” It has ideas for wedding everything. Rings, dresses, color schemes, bridesmaid dresses, favors, food & more. It’s hidden because I do plan on using these on my special day, and it wouldn’t be very special if other people used a couple of hidden gems! It’s also called I love you to pieces because that is what Robbie & I say to each other! ♥

That’s all of em’!

Feel free to add me on Pinterest!

On 30 before 30!


This is a list of things of 30 things I would like to complete before I am 30, life is short, I am most certainly going to make the best of it.

1. Become CPR & First Aid certified again.

2. See a baby being born (sounds gross, but I’m going to be a nurse! Weirdly scientific stuff interests me)

3.  Open an in-home daycare

4. Stop drinking soda

5. Go Paddleboarding

6. Learn to love the body I was blessed with
7/14/13- Took a step in the right direction, actually took off my cover-up at the beach & sat in my bikini!  (definitely a first for me!)

7. Take a cupcake decorating class

8. Graduate from Nursing School

9. Travel to Ireland

10. Get married

11. Work as a neonatal or maternity nurse for a period of time.

12. Forgive those who have done me wrong. Without being asked.

13. Swim with a dolphin (preferably in the wild)

14. Buy myself a car

15. Pay off all of my student loans

16. Take a couples painting class & hang it up

17. Go to Indiana to visit Michael’s grave & meet his relatives

18. Create at least 4 crafts with kids for sensory play

19. Become a mother♥

20. Take a cross country road trip with Robbie

21. Get more than 3 views on my blog (lol pathetic I know)       (9 views on 7/11/2013) Wooh! (7/22- 60 views) (9/27- 446 views)

22. Take a class on grieving, so I am able to comfort those who can’t comfort themselves.

23. Be able to say I have friends that I will have for the rest of my life

24. Watch the sunrise over the  haleakala crater in Hawaii

25. Become a homeowner

26. Go to Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute

27. Conquer one of my fears (someone I love dying, heights, tight spaces, lonliness & spiders)

28. Go on a cruise with Robbie

29. See a whale (Go whalewatching)

30. Be able to consider myself successful

Thought of a couple more, don’t need to be on the list necessarily. Just more ideas for my bucketlist!


Driving a Jetski without a partner

F1 Racing

Paint balling

Bungee Jumping

Going for a moonlight swim– (7/20/13 me & Robbie drove to Dennisport, Ma! It was amazing & the moon was beautiful!)

Zip lining


Go camping   7/26-7/28/13 Went to Wolfeboro NH to go camping!

On My Boyfriend!

I have finished my first year of college & I am starting to figure out what I want out of life. Don’t get me wrong, I like college, its pretty okay. But high school was awesome.

In 9th grade, I was shy, quiet and awkward. Gosh, was I awkward. Even so, I instantly made so many friends. Because I went to a regional high school there were 2 towns, 1 high school and about about 1,200 students. So, all the friends I made were from a different town. That is when I met Robbie. Freshman year Biology! Good gosh, I had little stars in my eyes. We dated freshman year, you know, the little kid dating where you walk next to each other & share a sandwich. Yeah.. “dating”. 6 months later we broke up, I was sad, but little did I know 3 years later, when we actually got to know each other, we would totally fall head over heels in love.

When we first met, he was the “bad-ass” who got in trouble for making dirty jokes, and would do anything to make everyone laugh, even if it was at the teachers expense. Boy, he got in a lot of trouble the first couple years. He went to summer school & everything. Once we started getting close, it was amazing. His grades improved, they drastically improved. From failing a couple classes to high honors, all A’s & all his teachers were sad to see him leave at the end of the trimester. He did still get in trouble, but that is because it is practically his middle name & all his teachers loved him anyway. He has always been brilliant. But he just didn’t care to do the work. Once he had a reason (me) he shot for the stars, he got all A’s, awesome comments from his teachers & he even got an award at graduation for “Most improved from Freshman to Senior year” I think he just needed a little kick in the tush!

I love everything about him. The way he made everyone in the room laugh, it was practically contagious. If I am mad at him to this day he practically makes it him job to make me smile and giggle, even when I am at my I’m-at-the-end-of-my-rope-don’t-push-my-buttons mood. He is so wonderful, and he is so mine. It’s the best feeling in the world to know that I get to have my best friend with me for the rest of my life! So many say we were so young when we started dating, but that doesn’t make a difference. I wouldn’t change one second of our relationship, he’s my rock and without him, I’d be lost!

This picture is us in New Hampshire on our first weekend trip together with my family. It was so much fun, you can see the mountains behind us! We have so many memories together, I can hardly remember life before meeting Robbie. The best part is, he is the perfect blend of spontaneous, thoughtful & romantic. Some of our best moments have been spur-of-the-moment road trips, or just pulling over & exploring. We are great company for each other, with so much love, so many laughs & such blue eyes, how could I not love him!