On Me (At the Moment)

I am currently…

– Obsessed with Army Wives on Netflix.

– Currently melt whenever I see a baby (:

– Struggling to stay on top of my school work this semester and it is only week 3.

– Trying to write a paper in Spanish on a tv show in Spanish. Needless to say, this won’t end well.

– I am trying to become a better person all in all, but I realize why being lazy is a deadly sin!

– Cannot find the motivation to do anything these days except sleep

– Becoming the PERFECT college stereotype. With 0 drinking or partying. Just eating at midnight, procrastination, and not having a social life because of how much I study.

-Excited that I have almost 500 views on my blog!

– Image


Finish the sentence!

Maybe I should keep saving up for the car I want. 

I love going on spontaneous dates with my boyfriend, they’re always the best.

People would say that I’m I  have no idea! 😦

I don’t understand why everything is so expensive! 

When I wake up in the morning I love taking a minute to cuddle up & remember what I dreamed about.

I lost my glasses yesterday for like, 2 hours. It’s hard trying to find something when you can’t see…

Life is full of good and bad. But you need a balance of both, that’s how you find the silver lining.

My past is full of embarrassing moments!

I get annoyed when I work constantly & sometimes I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

Parties are WAY overrated.

I wish I had more time home and time with my boyfriend & family before school.

Dogs are wonderful 🙂 

Cats are awesome if they are dog-like, I don’t like timid cats. 

Tomorrow I’m working until 5, then don’t have work for 3 days ! BEACHHTIME!! 

I have low tolerance for people who walk slow.

I’m totally terrified of losing someone I love. Total fear. It’s a problem. Like, I make anyone who leaves my house call me when they are finished driving home.

I wonder why I get upset and angry SO easily these days.

Never in my life have I been on a cross country road trip (It HAS to happen!) 

High school was the best time of my life & I didn’t appreciate it when I had it!

When I’m nervous I talk super fast and I talk a lot. I babble. ALOT. 

One time at a family gathering someone got me a present, I thought it was shimmery eye shadow- it was glitter glue… and I put it on my eyes..

Take my advice- Count your blessings. You don’t want to take advantage. No one is promised tomorrow. 

Making my bed is what I do before I go to bed, instead of when I wake up like normal people. So I cuddle in a freshly made bed! When I was little I would make my bed in the morning, then just want to crawl back into it! 

I’m almost always singing a song in my head or out loud 😉 

I’m addicted to chocolate!! & Wendy’s Chili.. don’t judge!

I want someone to pay for me to travel. Or someone to sell me their car for cheap! I’m desperate now!